...from field to fork - fairly and justly.

Treasure Coast Fair Food


On a sublime evening in April 2013 on the Treasure Coast of Florida, 12 individuals from diverse backgrounds were riveted by a powerful, interfaith program presented by a young man from the Coalition of Immokalee Workers and a young woman from Interfaith Action of Southwest Florida.  From that experience was born a shared commitment to join other organizations in action and education advocacy for the CIW brought about by a strong conviction to improve human rights conditions and a just wage system for farmworkers who help bring the food to our tables.  The next morning, those same 12 formed Treasure Coast Fair Food.

Our Mission

Treasure Coast Fair Food - through action, advocacy, and education - encourages Florida's Treasure Coast communities to choose Fair Food for their families, grown using social responsibility and sustainability in its methods; from field to fork, fairly and justly.

We advocate the principles of the Fair Food Program and the mission of the Coalition of Immokalee Workers.

Our Vision

Treasure Coast Fair Food is a not-for-profit organization compelled to ensure the protection of human rights, improve working conditions, and fair wages for farmworkers. With social responsibility and sustainability at the forefront of our efforts, we advocate for the Fair Food Program. We are based in the communities of the Treasure Coast of Florida. 

Through action and education campaigns, we support the efforts of the Coalition of Immokalee Workers (CIW) in their groundbreaking work of establishing the principles of the Fair Food Program (FFP) to ensure the fair, just, and humane treatment of farmworkers.

Our Goals

* Build public awareness, increase education, and mobilize public support through social media and traditional campaigns for farmworker-led and other grassroots initiatives to implement a just and fair wage system, to improve working conditions, and to protect the dignity and human rights of farmworkers.

* Develop and distribute educational tools about the principles behind the Fair Food Program.

*Encourage and promote social responsibility in purchasing at all levels of the food-industry chain to ensure fair wages for farmworkers and the protection of their human rights.

*Encourage on-going discussion of sustainability and social responsibility in farming practices that positively influence our communities.