...from field to fork - fairly and justly.

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CBS Sunday Morning's excellent in-depth coverage on the current state of the tomato fields in Florida aired on August 9, 2015.

PBS Video: Frontline - "A Voice For Workers"

Presenting: "Food Chains", the documentary film taking the Fair Food world by storm!


From Eva Longoria and Eric Schlosser, producer of Food Inc. and Fast Food Nation, comes a powerful and shocking expose about what feeds our country narrated by Forrest Whitaker. This powerful, true story of one small group of Florida workers overcoming corporate greed to end slavery and abuse in America’s fields will inspire you to demand Fair Food!  

In the faces and through the voices of a group of farmworkers and their friends, a story you may have never heard before becomes indelibly apparent. It is the state of our "Food Chains" in America and the plight of the farmworkers who harvest food for our families. There is no longer any way to deny or ignore what continues to happen in the fields of the farms in our nation. Enlighten your mind to empower yourself and your family in choosing Fair Food that is farmed using standards of best practices principles of social responsibility! Do the right and Fair thing by choosing to ensure fairness, justice, and the protection of human dignity for all who work to put food on our tables.

Now available at Whole Foods Market, on Amazon and iTunes!

Presenting Fair Food for the fair-minded: The Fair Food Project 3-part educational film series

Part 1 - The Farmworkers

Part 2 - The Growers

Part 3 - The Advocates

Through the stories and voices of farmworkers, growers, businesses and fair food advocates, viewers learn about the harsh realities of farmworker conditions and, more importantly, the promise of improved farm labor practices in American agriculture. The growing movement for “fair food” is tapping into rising consumer demand for food produced in accordance with their values. 

Part 1 - The Farmworkers - Take a glimpse into the current reality of farmworker conditions in the U.S.

Part 2 - The Growers -  Meet farmers around the country who are providing good farm labor conditions and “doing well by doing good.”

Part 3 - The Advocates -  Hear from advocates and businesses at the forefront of this growing movement.

This 3-part presentation is brought to you thanks to the Fair Food Project. The Fair Food Project was facilitated by the California Institute for Rural Studies and underwritten by the Columbia Foundation. The videos presented above are on YouTube. Visit the California Institute for Rural Studies to view more videos, obtain educational resources & tool-kits and to find out more about their programs.